Encouraging circular thinking and reconnecting human with nature and community

The Big Issues

« Humans are disappearing from the outdoors at a rate that would make them top any conservationist’s list of endangered species. »

Tim Gill, The Ecologist


Decline in the time spent in green space over the last fifty years


Time spent indoors and away from the natural environment


Time that 8-18 year olds spend connected to electronic media

The disconnection with nature seems to undermine humans’ empathy, altruism, and cooperation resulting in a rise of objectionable treatment of the planet, of other humans, and of animals. It seems that nature in the eye of humans is merely an instrumental tool. We take, make, and dispose. We generate tremendous amount of waste, at the same time increasingly demanding for more.


Anxiety & depression

Increased risk of diabetes, heart attack, cancer

Shorter memory & attention span

plastic bags are used every year around the world


sea birds


marine mammals are killed annually from plastic in our oceans

With the limited resources that we have, how are we going to ensure that the next generation will be able to have meaningful encounters with nature? What can we do to ensure a sustainable future?


Leading the way for circular-thinking business;
spreading the power of nature and optimism


We aim to reconnect you with nature, community, and other beings by engaging you in intellectual, spiritual, and practical experiences.


We value diversity, team coorporation and positive thinking

4 Benefits Rule

Every action that we take should not only benefit ourselves, but also our partners, the people around, and the environment

What is a Circular Economy ?

Our Units

Organic Farm

Meguru Farm is an organic farm that believes in the importance of good health, quality, and sustainability.

Besides producing high quality fruits and vegetables to satisfy, delight, and nourish our customers, we aim to solve the rising issue of manpower shortage in farms by introducing an alternative highly efficient natural way of farming.

Zero Waste Cafe

Meguru Café is a nature and zero waste café that focuses on environmental and social sustainability education while providing delicious organic food and beverages.

Our ingredients are mainly either from our own farm, or purchased from local neighbouring farmers as we work towards promoting local production and consumption. It’s a place to mingle with animals, eat freshly harvested food, meet new people, discuss ideas, and take home a bunch of knowledge.

Guest House

Meguru guesthouse is situated at the heart of Ayagawa, Kagawa prefecture, surrounded by rice fields and nature. The guest house was built with permaculture principles in mind. 

Guests not only get to experience the simplicity of sustainable living and its positive impact on our emotion and wellness, they also get to join our specially organized eco-tour to find out more about the local communities and their efforts towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Music & Events

Meguru Music & Events focuses on community bonding and inter-cultural exchange. We believe that music brings people together and provides emotional stability and support.

Through our music, we hope to connect people from all over the world and raise awareness about sustainable living.

Organic Farm

Guest House

Zero Waste Café



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Kagawa, Japan, 〒761-2307


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